Shri Varun Yantra / Gold Plated Yantra For Pooja

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Varun Yantra rectifies all the defects related to water. If source of water,water connection, under ground watertank are situated in south east corner, then by installing Varun Yantra on that place, this defect could be rectified. Shree Varun Yantra has many benefits that you will soon realize. It helps you to bring luck, love and happiness in your life.Shri Varun Yantra is that it create positive atmosphere around you so that you achieve your goals easily. It also guides you in taking right decisions in your life. The Astro Vedic Shri Varun Yantra should be place at holy temple of your home, shop or office early morning.The worshipper should shower Ganga Jal on it and place Tikka on the corners of the Yantra.Size:3*3 Inch