Shri Varun Dev Yantra, Copper Yantra For Pooja

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Varun yantra is a very simple and cost-effective way of seeding warm clouds with common salt. This is achieved by means of creating a high temperature bio-mass fire that is sprinkled with ground salt or saline water. The high temperature fire is created in a simple movable or fixed furnace by supplying the combusting material with a well engineered natural convection system, augmented by a forced air-supply by means of a blower. All the components required are typically available in a village, except for the electric blower which is available in district towns small machinery shops. In case there is no electricity, a less efficient iron-smith or gold-smiths manual blower can be used. In the absence of a furnace or blower, the technique can be employed by making open fires and sprinkling salt or saline water on them.