Shri Shiv Chalisa Small Size Big Red Font- 11 Pcs


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Shri Shiv Chalisa Small Size Big Red Font-11 Pcs 

Shiva Chalisa is a prayer for Lord Shiva - one of the Gods of Hindu trinity, the other two being Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva Chalisa praises the Lord and asks for his help in removing hardships and obstacles in devotee′s life. It is said that devotees seeking blessings of Lord Shiva must recite Shiva Chalisa with devotion and sincerity. It is suggested that devotees should focus their mind on Lord Shiv or his image and then recite Shiv Chalisa.

Book Contains: Shiv Stuti, Shivashtak (1.2.3), Rudrashtak, Mritunjay Mantra , Aarti 

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