Shri Ram Raksha Copper Yantra / Lord Raam Copper Yantra

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Ramraksha yantra symbolizes Lord Ram who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram embodies everything that is good and right in a human being. Lord Hanuman was a sincere and faithful servant of Lord Ram. Ramraksha yantra brings with itself the blessings of both Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman. A person who owns and prays on ramraksha yantra is blessed by great qualities, pure thoughts and absolute conquest. This powerful yantra helps the person to escape the troubles and establish peace and harmony at home and work. Ramraksha yantra eliminates all the troubles and obstacles from the follower’s way and bless him with happiness and prosperity. A person who places the rramraksha yantra in his home or workplace will notice that all his difficulties and failures are being replaced by success and affluence. Lord Ram bestows his blessings in the form of comfort and all round prosperity to the people who religiously worship the ramraksha yantra.