Shri Gauri Copper Yantra / Gauri Yantra For Pooja Copper Yantra

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Ancient Hindu Shastra has various techniques that aim to make life more meaningful and enriching. One such attempt is the science of Yantra that makes use of the five elements like earth, water, fire, sky and air to control nature so that it can be effectively used for our benefit. It also involves recitation of certain mantras to control the nature and side them for our benefit. The numerous deities that are present are worshipped in different forms and all those forms are linked to specific yantras. It makes use of different signs, symbols and writings to remove the negative effects of planets and enhance its beneficial aspects. Yantras are basically formed on a board using a bindu or a zero. Anybody can draw a Yantra but it becomes effective only when it is energized by a 'siddh mantra'. Size:3*3 Inch