Shatru Vijay Yantra, Copper Yantra For Pooja, Yantra For Worship


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"Shatru Nashak Yantra is a suraksha kawach from enemies. It is prepared with the combination of seven faceted Rudraksha, Baglamukhi Yantra and eight faceted Rudraksha. Wearing this Yantra protects the worshipper from evil vibes from enemies. This SHATRU NASHAK MAHAYANTR has power to dominate evil vibes, adversaries and enemies. Wearing this Shatru Vijay Yantra can diminish all negative vibes and protect you from all type of harm. It has the power to overcome failures that are planned by your enemies. It has turned to be out as the most effective Yantra who want to achieve success in their business. Size- 3 Inch X 3 Inch.