Namokar Copper Yantra / Navkar Jain Yantra Copper Yantra

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Navkar Mantra is the universal prayer of Jainism. The Navkar Mantra is the most important mantra in Jainism and can be recited at any time. This mantra is also called Namaskar  or Namokar Mantra. It is the first prayer recited by the Jains while doing Samayik (Jain meditation). Recitation of this Mantra helps one remember that the most important goal of life, it contains the main message of Jainism. The message is to achieve liberation from the non-reality. This mantra which offers respect to the great ones also reminds one of their qualities, thus keeping one focused on the path. The Navkar' Symbol helps to safeguard from the negative forces and it is recommended to be placed on the Car Dashboard and on the Study Desk / Office Desk. This Navkar' Symbol is made on alloy metal in an excellent finish and with 3 dimensional effect. It is perfect for corporate gifting also (for bulk orders, we can even customize it with your concept and brand logo) Unique Embossed Metal Alloy Symbol affixed on Acrylic Stand. Double side adhesive tape included. Car Décor. For Divine Protection. Size:3*3 Inch