Gold Plated Shri Santangopal Yantra, Pooja Yantra Brass Yantra

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Gold Plated Shri Santan Gopal Yantra (8 Cms).-The energy lines engraved on the Yantra will nullify the obstacles that stand in your way of begetting a child; it will alleviate your mental peace and bless you with progeny. The radiations from the Yantra can nourish the womb of the expectant mother protecting her and the child from all kinds of mishaps. Lord Santhana Gopala can not only gift you with children, but he can also bless them with good health and immense knowledge. Off springs are essential for achieving success in human life. However some persons are devoid of children and try hard to have an issue. For this purpose Santan Gopal Yantra is miraculous. The worship of Santan Gopal Yantra gives a desired child who is meritorious and long living. Some people establish Santan Gopal Yantra near the idol of Balkrishna and recite Santan Gopal Stotra. Some persons perform Putreshti Yagya. Method of Use: Establish Santan Gopal Yantra in Gurupushya Constellation with proper worship etc. In another method Santan Gopal Yantra is established in cow house and Gopalkrishna Mantra is recited with devotion and faith. Mantra:Om Kling Krishnaaya Namah. Size:3*3 Inch