Gold Plated Shri Maruti Yantra, Yantra For Success Brass Yantra

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Maruti Yantra Represents The Awesomely Powerful Hanuman. Placing This Yantra Inside A Vehicle, Protect The Vehicle And It's Occupants Against Accidents. It Also Makes A Person Fearless, Protects From Grave Dangers, Fatal Diseases And Makes Courageous & Healthy. b)Yantra To Free The Fear Of Death, Grave Dangers, Fatal Diseases And Makes Him Courageous And Healthy. One Popular Name Of Lord Hanuman Is Maruti Therefore It Is Known As Maruti Yantra. c)This Yantra Is Worshipped To Attain Courage, Confidence, Good Health And Over Come Misfortune. &Nbsp;This Is Considered To Be Protection Cover Against Misfortunes, Evil Eye, Accidents, Enemies, Fear And Black Magic.Following Mantra Should Be Recited For It :Om Hanumate Namah. d)Maruti Yantra should be installed and worshipped to appease Lord Hanuman who is 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is the bestower of Courage, Wisdom, Cleverness, Fearlessness and Devotion as well as Meditation. Lord Hanuman is also the bestower of Good Health and hence the worshipper of this Yantra is protected from all kinds of Health problems as per Ancient Vedic Texts. e)It is believed that this Yantra was inscribed on the flag of the Arjuna's chariot during the battle of Maha Bharata and it was due to the protection of this Yantra that the Arjuna's chariot was protected from any harm during the battle. Size:3*3 Inch