Gold Plated Maha Sudarshan Yantra, Yantra For Success Brass Yantra

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This yantra is used to reduce the negative vibrations surrounding the place where it is installed. It is used by Maha Vishnu as a weapon to punish all evil. Keeping this yantra in the house is like placing the house as well as those residing in it, at the centre of this sacred discus, which provides complete protection and security. The Sudarshan chakra was not only used to eliminate enemies and punish demons, but also to elevate the awareness and realization of living beings. Place the yantra along with the image of Lord Vishnu for best results. The Yantra is handcrafted and the enamel work is also done by hand to retain the maximum spiritual power of the yantra. The product photograph's material and color as displayed in the picture may slightly be different from the original product due to light conditions and digital enhancement. Size:3*3 Inch