Gold Brass Akhand Jyoti Deepak

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A beautiful Akhand Diya with deep area for Oil and Ghee for your puja, home and office. Made in India, Material : Pure Brass, Super fine finishing. A beautiful gift to you and someone. Feel Divine atmosphare in the room with it. The word "akhand'' refers to anything that is not broken or interrupted. 'Pyali' means a small vessel. Therefore, the name is self-explanatory. This lamp is capable of holding a lot of oil, and therefore, the flame can be sustained for a long time. If care is taken to refill the oil once in a while, the flame can be kept burning throughout long rituals and ceremonies, some of which carry on through the night into the wee hours of the morning. The diya is easy to clean and polish. The lustre and shine are maintained for a long time if cleaned and wiped regularly. Keywords: lamp, uninterrupted, long ceremonies.