Copper Swastik Yantra / Vastu Yantra For House

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Copper "Swastik" or "Swastika" is an Auspicious Religious Holy Indian Tradition Symbol of Prosperity, Progress, Success, Positivity, Good Luck & Fortune & Wellness of Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Industries. Meaning of "Swastik" or "Swastika" is Prosperity from All Four Sides. Combination of Copper Pyramid with Copper "Swastik" or "Swastika" give 10x more benefits, power than normal plastic swastik pyramids as per the tests conducted by dowsing & energy experts. During the beginning of any new work, Swastika is drawn & worshipped as per Indian Tradition. It can be placed above the main door to attract positive energy and drive Incase of vastu defect, Swastik pyramid can be installed at defect area. Installed at the entrance of the home, office, factory, shop, Industries. It can be installed in Costly Electronic equipments for smooth & better functioning of daily use gadgets like Printers, Computers, Laptops, Computer or Office Desk, Machineries in factories & Industries to give better performance and output and prevent from frequent breakdown. Install on kitchen wall behind gas stove to cure Kitchen Vastu Defects. Can be kept inside the cash box as well. Copper Swastik Pyramid is considered as the Best Vastu Shastra Remedies for curing Vastu Dosh or Vastu Defects or Vastu Problems from your Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Industries. It drives away all the Negativity from the Home. We Recommend you install 3, 9, 27, 81, or multiples for best results. Size - 9 Inches Weight:490 Gm