Brass Swastik For Wall Hanging / Brass Swastik Yantra For Pooja

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Protect you from evil effects and spread the divine energy with this Divya Mantra traditional trishakthi and Swastika combo. These pooja yantras are made of pure brass with a golden finish that shines all time to add elegance and charm everywhere. The traditional trisakthi yantra has a trishul at top, om symbol at middle and swastik at the bottom. The trishul has trident carvings which is a weapon of Lord Shiva carried by yogis. It is the royal scepter of Shaiva-dharma. The tri functions are creation, maintenance and destruction which show the whole universe is in it's control. As per Vastu Shashtra, Trishakti Yantra is a powerful vastu correction remedy. The swasthik is a symbol of ganesha and brings positive energy, good luck to the person as well as removes obstacles in all undertaking. It is mainly for siddhi & buddhi, intelligence. The om symbol is believed to be the seed sound of the cosmos and creates positive vibrations in and around your abode. You can place it at worship place or at the top of main door. You can also hang these yantra on both sides of your main door as a protection for your house or office. If you display these spiritual wall hangings on the outside of main door, it is supposed to be very lucky and also protects the people living inside the house from many types of evil eyes or drishti or buri nazar. This antique style metal hanging is very appealing and eye catching that is used for the beautification of your home or office. It makes a great gift for anyone looking for a new start or those who have came back from adversity. Size:4*4 Inch