Sitara Work Chunri For Devi Shringar/Mataji Odhani

सेल की कीमत Rs. 70.00 सामान्य कीमत Rs. 130.00 You save 46%

चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई
Matarani Chunri / Mataji Chunri / Designer Chunri  Length - 55 Cm , Height - 25 cm Mata ki Chunri made of netted cloth are light in weight and are quite appealing. These Chunriis meant for special occasions and religious gatherings; they carry designer work and are eye catchy. Chunri is Pleasing to matarani on navrati,wedding on auspicious occasions, spritual Functions , shagaun, choki, newly married woman offers for goodluck and takling blessings from mataji. It is draped on head and shoulders like a scarf by women during marriage functions and ceremonies. It is draped around deity Idols and altars and thus made from auspicious colors. Design: Made of netted cloth with stone and embroidered work and fancy borders. Colour: Red An Alter cloth makes the Puja ceremony more decorative. The Puja cloth comes handy when placing offerings or Bhog to God as you don’t place the items directly on the will get a variety of alter clothes, made from different materials and having beautiful designs and colours. Simply brows this section and you will come to know how many different types of Pooja clothes .Right from attractive Chunris to Bandhani Chunri & everything is available here. You will get all types of auspicious colours here. You can either drape these chunris around the deity or use it as alter cloth.

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