Shri Vastu Devta Copper Yantra, Copper Yantra, Pooja Yantra

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चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई
As the name suggest the Vastu devta yantra is used to correct vastu doshas.Those people who cannot able to make any changes in their layouts or in its interior arrangement but they want to remove the Vastu Dosha & its malefic influence to avoid the adverse circumstances they can use this Yantra. By the installation of Yantra in its appropriate direction it will activate that particular direction & flow of positive energy will start from there and remove the negative energy , it will remove all type of vastu dosha present in that direction & balance the 5 elements of nature & natural forces. So that you can get the maximum benefit from nature. The "Five" Key Elements/Forces of Nature - The Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Space are the five key forces in action that can create harmony when kept in their appropriate places. However, if water is put in place of fire and wind in place of water, the forces will act accordingly and cause a lot of disharmony and upheaval. As the saying goes, it is easier to go with the direction of the wind than go against the wind (or other forces of nature). This Yantra is ideally created in Ashtadhatu, a very sacred and sattvic [pure] amalgam of eight metals, but the process is difficult so such a Yantra is rare. Devshoppe is pleased to offer this uniquely powerful Yantra in the traditional Ashtadhatu composition for its maximum benefit.This Yantra is embossed on a square plate and has been specially energised to radiate its beneficial powers. This Yantra should be placed in the house at a prominent place, or kept in the 'Pooja' or prayer room, for success in practically everything one does.

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