Shri Batuk Bhairav Yantra, Small Copper Yantra, Goddes Lord Krishna's Yantra

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चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई
Sri Batuk Bhairav is Small (child) form of Bhairav Nath which is one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva . Batuk Bharav is the most worshipped form of Bhairav in tantra.The ancient text Shakti Sangam Tantra in its Kali Khand chapter has mentioned the origin of Sri Batuk Bhairava. According to the text, once a demon named Aapat had gained powers through Sadhanas and he used it to harass everyone including the gods. The gods then got together and started to think of ways to find a solution to this problem. As they started concentrating, their powers appeared as a flash of light and took the form of a five year old child, Batuk. The child, then, killed the demon and saved the gods which is why he is known as Aapat Uddharak Batuk Bhairav. In tantra and other Hindu puja, this is the most worshiped form of Sri Bhairav among the various forms of Bhairavar. All other forms of Bhairav are terrifying apart from this as this is in the form of a child. Sri Batuk Bhairav protects, removes all obstacles, cleans the soul with his sheer intensity and makes things favourable for a sadhak. Batuk Bhairav yantra is said to bring good fortune and the fulfillment of any desires. Batuk Bhairav yantra is used for improving impoverished conditions of life. The worship is only to be done at night, for fulfillment of a specific desire. Size:4*4 Cm

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