Purshottam Maas Mahatamaya All 31 Chapters/ Adhik Mass Vrat Katha In HIndi

सामान्य कीमत Rs. 40.00

चेकआउट के दौरान शिपिंग की गणना की गई
Purshottam Maas Mahatamaya Sampuran 31 Chapters Book contains All 31 Chapters In Hindi With Aarti. In the Puranas, there is a very interesting story of becoming the Purushottam mass of the supermass i.e. Malmas. According to that legend, because of being self-discreet, he was criticized for his excessive 'malmaas'. Due to this sadness Malamas went to Shriharri Vishnu and cried sad to them. shaastron ke anusaar har teesare saal sarvottam yaanee purushottam maas kee utpatti hotee hai. is maas ke dauraan jap, tap, daan se anant punyon kee praapti hotee hai. is maas mein shreekrshna, shreemadbhagavatageeta, shreeraam katha vaachan aur vishnu bhagavaan kee upaasana kee jatee hai. is maah upaasana karane ka apana alag hee mahatv hai.purushottam maas mein katha padhane, sunane se bhee bahut laabh praapt hota hai. is maas mein jameen par shayan, ek hee samay bhojan karane se anant phal praapt hote hain. soory kee baarah sankraanti ke aadhaar par hee varsh mein 12 maah hote hain. pratyek teen varsh ke baad purushottam maah aata hai.

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