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SUDHANSHU JAIN द्वारा को पोस्ट किया गया

Posters of All gods and Goddesses :

May be you believe or not believe in the God. But you have seen a posters of them on each every Shop, establishment, houses temples and many.

The posters are the easiest way to express your gratitude towards the Gods and to pray for your self or for our family members. 

For those who believe in the Gods : Its always a Win - Win situation to paste it at your place of establishments or anywhere where you want to channelize the Positive Energy.


For those who do not believe in Gods : Its a piece of modern art, where a person has visualized and created those pictures with utmost creativity with full with multi colors in those. And that's why the science has also said that seeing an art can heal the person.


So whatever may be your reason, a piece of an Art or a Cultural Attachments. You should have at least few pictures / Posters in your surrounding areas.

How to get Rid of Litters and Pan masala pukes on your stairs corners and areas ?

Just for an Example : I have visited a place where people used to Puke, litter os the stair cases with the litters, Pan Masala and it was all over messy.

The owner Repainted the complete building, and he deployed all posters of Gods and Goddesses at a considerable height and in words it was Written "Upper wala sab Dekh raha Hai, Tu kahan Kahan Thuk Rahan Hai", and its almost 5 years. No one has spitted or litter on the walls or its Corner.

Its not about the Jugaad, but the sentiments values and the fear of Future punishments by God and also so with due Respects has stopped the puking, littering by People. (ofcourse, it may only work with Indians)  

We as a have brought collection of almost all very Gods and Goddesses, yantras, tantras, all HD prints @ fraction of the price. We are promoting the Indian Cultural values and Religions world wide.

Help us to Grow More so that we can spread our Culture, Values to the world.

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