How idea was ignited

SUDHANSHU JAIN द्वारा को पोस्ट किया गया

Abelestore and team are selling with other websites since 2010. We have started selling with (which was acquired By than we moved to Slowly, we were everywhere. from, Paytm, shopclues, Snapdeal and everywhere.

Now, you can find us on 18+ different websites and stores with different brand names, NewHope, BabelMart, Mamta Babel, Mines_of_Happiness, Abelestore.

We cater to our buyers more than 20K+ products which are sourced from India, US, UK, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Germany and Yes China (Only the Quality products)

What made us Think about

We have found various Loopholes, where some of the e-commerce were having charging more money with the buyers, delay deliveries, Theft of the products from various stages (shipping to reaching Buyers) also while delivering (returning) back the items.

The hidden charges, penalties, Advertisement costs were only increasing the costs of the products. Also fake discounts which were discouraging the buyers to move from one place to another places.

How earns

Its simple we buy from manufacturers in bulks, most of them are now regular business partners so they provide the products at the minimal prices so that they can produce in huge Volumes to decrease there costs.

The same is sold to our buyers with minimal operational margins.

How Much can Customers can benefit from

Actually if we see, all the websites (eCommerce) carry some weight-age of commissions in terms of Fixed Fees, closing Fees, Collections charges, closing charges, Advertisement Fees, Packing and warehousing charges. This usually adds upto the 40-60% of the product pricing (don't forget to add 15% GST on all the charges). So, the actual products price received by the seller if it is Rs 75*X/-, to the buyers the eCommerce would charge anyway between Rs 135*X - Rs 150*X/-

So. only charges Rs 75*X/- amount to the buyers.


Hmm. Thats Interesting

So if my shopping bill on other eCommerce websites are 50k Rs than it can reduce to Rs 35K only.

Yes, it would eventually can be much lesser than that, but the insudtry average is about 45-65%.


How many Products @ currently.

We have currently 20K+ products and we would take it by 2022 a million products online with 40-45% lower prices than other shopping websites.