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Jdp Novelty 2 in1 Cigarette Lighter with Case Windproof Elec...More

Jdp Novelty 2 in1 Cigarette Lighter with Case Windproof Electric Lighter Pocket Lighter (Black)




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Sealed moisture-proof, high-quality storage, can accommodate 10 cigarettes, easy to carry, accommodate more cigarettes in a comfortable way, can keep cigarettes in good condition, not pressure Bad cigarettes, cigarettes are not easy to fall. 2. ? High-quality zinc alloy cigarette case, simple and generous design, durable quality, light weight, easy to close and open, you can flick open your noble cigarette case, automatically pop up the cigarette, easy and convenient, convenient to use . 3. ? The cigarette case with lighter includes USB windproof flameless electronic lighter, modular design, ultra-thin design and built-in electric lighter can be more convenient for your use! Keep cigarettes, cigarette cases, and lighters in one. 4. ? Rechargeable cigarette case, built-in durable high-quality lithium battery, environmentally sustainable use, USB2.0 interface charging, compatible with most automotive USB, mobile power and computer USB interface on the market, one charge,It can be used continuously for 200 times, and you can carry it with you when you go out, avoid trouble! 5. ? Our ultra-thin cigarette case can be neatly slipped into the pocket of a trouser or blazer. It feels good and even looks good. It can be carried in a pocket or bag and is the perfect cigarette case gift for merchants, gentlemen, ladies, lovers, fashionists or smokers!

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Abele Store



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13 unit of Pocket Lighter

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Cigarette Lighter

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